More about Meghan

Meghan is experienced in Craniosacral therapy, structural balancing, cupping, and EFT (emotional freedom technique). She is passionate about helping clients release old patterns of dis-ease in the body using methods that combine bodywork and life coaching.


As your Coach, Meghan sees your potential and wants to inspire, support, and motivate you to reach that potential and feel your best. She believes it is never too late to start over, to rise above your fears by changing old habits to positively impact your life. Her hope is that clients feel free to let go of worry, rest peacefully, feel safe and fully supported, and leave stronger, healthier, and further along in their healing process. 

Each session focuses to create a harmonious home for your body, mind, and spirit. It is an integrated system that incorporates structural balancing, massage, energetic awareness, life coaching with EFT as part of a comprehensive approach to create new and healthier patterns within your body. It positively impacts mental, emotional, spiritual well-being as well as physical health, allowing you to feel your best. Results of a session vary, and may include profound relaxation, an understanding of energetic patterns and their implications, and relief from physical ailments. For best results 1-2 sessions per week, until desired results are achieved.

As a licensed esthetician, Meghan was inspired to create Bee You Skincare & Waxing services for clients wishing to maintain or improve their skin and overall appearance. She chooses products that are locally-sourced, handmade, & all-natural.