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Collaborative Care Directory

Our ultimate goal at the Well-Being Studio is to guide our practice members in finding the best of the best wellness and healthcare practitioners in the area. Is that you? If you think so we invite you to apply.


How does the directory work?  The directory features a list of providers for multiple categories of wellness and healthcare services, from mainstream medical providers in specialties like orthopedic surgery to wellness practice providers like yoga instructors and personal trainers. A standard listing in our directory is absolutely free.


What are Preferred and Platinum Provider listings? Our directory features paid upgrade options to highlight providers. Preferred Provider listings are just $4.99 per month and elevate your listing to slots 2 or 3 in your category. A Platinum Provider listing is $19.99 per month and elevates your listing to the top of your category. Platinum Provider listings feature a highlight about your business beyond just your contact information.


Why is there an application process? The Platinum Provider listing is a highly coveted spot. When you submit you application indicating that you wish to be a Platinum Provider, your application goes through our review process. We conduct an interview, either by phone or in-person, to network and to gain a better understanding of you and your services. If you are selected for the Platinum listing, you will be charged $19.99 per month until you cancel. If you are not chosen for the Platinum listing you may be automatically downgraded to a Preferred listing for $4.99 per month. If you are also not chosen for the Preferred listing you will be automatically downgraded to the free Standard listing. This ensures that the top listings go to those providers our reviewers believe are truly the best of the best. You maintain your listing position as long as you maintain your paid upgrade.