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Are you worn-down, stressed out, and sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you afraid you're missing out on the life and health you want?

Physical, mental, and emotional stress wreaks havoc on your health and well-being.

At The Well-Being Studio, we can help!

Get the connection, compassion, and mind-body healing you want.

Get the wellness care you deserve.

Meet Your Well-Being Practitioners

Meghan Stonier-Howe

Massage Therapy

Cryoskin & Total Body

Emotional Freedom Technique

Craniosacral Therapy


Dr. Kay Minniear


Network Spinal Analysis

Spinal Rehabilitation

Christy Dustin

Nurse Practitioner

Mental Health

Integrative Medicine

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Not all chiropractors are created equal. Dr. Kay is my gold standard.

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